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The Indie Story

An environment of returning close to natural food has developed in the fast pacing life but little is dug into what goes into the making of a food organic, natural and rooted to the core. For Indie, Food is worship, it has a culture to feel and a story to narrate. Thus, we ensure that it is prepared pure and natural to be divine, grown or sourced at the region best known for it and processed in the most traditional methods possible.

Our present is enriched with an elicit understanding of our rich culture and heritage. Practicing and benefiting from our traditional practices, Indie applies all the natural approaches from farm to finger. The sourcing as per the region, sun and soil requirements, to processing be it chakki ground, maintaining the right temperatures to packaging are some of the key applications of our ancient cultural and natural understanding.

Our Vision

To be that vehicle of consciousness in the millennial era that serves good health derived from all traditional approaches.

Our Mission

To make these foods available to everyone looking for a natural solution to improve their energy, immunity and overall well-being.

Our Values

  • To retain the nutritive goodness of every food we offer.
  • To never compromise on the traditional methods of processing.
  • To turn the wheel full circle preserving the goodness of nature.
  • To be the Grandma‚Äôs kitchen of each home.

Eat Healthy. Eat Different

Delightful combination of taste and convenience Served Fresh!

Vada Batter
Brown Rice Idli Dosa
Coconut Chutney
Idili Dosa
Khaman Dhokla